Each year, the ISMIR conference is held in a different corner of the world to motivate the presentation and exchange of ideas and innovations related to the intentionally broad topic of music information. Historically, the call for papers (CFP) is announced in the beginning of the year (February-May) via the community mailing list, and conferences are held several months later (August-November).

With the exception of the scientific proceedings, the format of the conference varies slightly from year to year; the local organizers are encouraged to leave their unique mark on the conference, and the greater society is continually experimenting and improving upon the event.

The open exchange of ideas and respectful, harassment-free scientific debate are central to ISMIR. In their application, conference organisers must agree in writing with the code-of-conduct detailed on They must also agree to publish it on the conference website, and to enforce it throughout the conference.

Past Conferences

History of Awards

Historical information about awards has been collected from the community and may contain inaccuracies. If you'd like to suggest a correction or addition, please file an issue or pull request on GitHub.